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Discover How to Instantly
Delete Bulk Direct Messages
in Twitter!

Are you tired of looking at your Twitter direct messages inbox jammed with too many spammy messages?

I'm sure you've thought about deleting them all at once. Unluckily, Twitter doesn’t offer a system to delete multiple or all direct messages straight away. You can however delete direct messages individually on your own, but it would take you a lot of time if you have several messages in your account.

If you don’t delete your Direct Messages often then it will pile up to a large number which is of no use and pointless. And deleting each of the Direct Messages manuall by clicking the delete button would be very time consuming.

That’s when DeleteTwitterMessages.com comes useful. Our script will solve your problem.

DeleteTwitterMessages.com is an easy to use Twitter solution for the mass deletion of Twitter Direct Messages. We give you the ability to select multiple direct messages to delete, and get rid of them at a fast rate.

DeleteTwitterMessages.com will help you delete all the Direct messages in your inbox immediately. It will also save you lot of time as deleting each of the hundreds of Twitter Direct Messages, would take lot of time.

We charge you $5.00 monthly fee to use the tool - you can opt out at any time of course. Our tool has been tested with various Twitter accounts, and we guarantee you it works.

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